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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

16 months ,20 lbs and counting

Last week I took Dozer in for his 15 month well visit (1 1/2 months late). He gained less than two pounds since our last visit, and doesn't come close to tipping the scale at 20 lbs 7oz. He's now officially below the 5th percentile in weight. And it's not for lack of food.

I wish I had that kind of metabolism. And energy. He just runs and climbs and dances and spins. All. The. Time.

So I don't sweat the weight thing. It's not as if he's skin and bones. He's just like I was -- a little squirt. And I'm very conscience about fueling him up with healthy foods.

Apparently what Dozer lacks in weight, he makes up for in all other areas. Fine motor skills, language, and other areas are all on target or a bit ahead.

The past few months have brought about a plethora of new skills, but these past few weeks his development has absolutely blasted off! It seems like every single day I am delighted and amazed to discover the new things he's learning.

For one, he is not merely imitating things he finds most amusing. He is copying everything. He has especially gotten into role playing. His favorite scenario is making toast and making sure everyone (yes, even the dogs) gets their fill. The funny thing is that I don't make toast very often, but seeing it done once was enough.

This has made me very aware of the fact that it is definitely time to censor my own actions and words that I have let slide. Junk food, soda, too much time on the computer, the occasional bad word, and snarky attitudes are all things I am trying to eliminate or reduce.

There's nothing like toddler experimentation in balance (how long can one stand on one foot on designated wheeled object), gravity (dangling head first from the tallest piece of furniture he can climb), and shape and spacial discrimination (which item fits best in inappropriate places such as the dogs' ears, nose, and other orifices) to curb the pull of the blogosphere.

Speaking of experiments...


  1. My son's on the light side, too, but taaaallll. I try not to sweat the weight thing but it's hard some days!

  2. Especially on hunger strike days. Luckily I can count on one hand how many of those we've had.


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