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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hey You Guuuuuys!!!

This brilliant and brand new blog hop is sure to be all the rage. The clever and super fun Dear You Guys comment letters from Liz at a belle, a bean, and a chicago dog have generated fits of laughter and beverages of all sorts snorted on computer screens everywhere. When you're done here, please read her old letters (you won't be disappointed!), check out the rules, and join in!

I get nowhere near the comment love she does, but I'm gonna give it a whirl anyway! And away we go:

Dear You Guys an Yunz and Ya'll (cuz Chi-Town can't get all the love),

College presentations blow.

Miss me some of those around here... especially when teens can be SO determined to do their own thing!

as long as no big, long-legged, hairy spiders show up for my performance... Love those little feet and hands!!

Oh yuck. I basically choke.

And...is he going for that water in the pet dish? Just hope he doesn't discover that the toilet has water in it, too.

Lucky you!

So many people would have just written him off because they wouldn't want to deal with him! What a great and rewarding moment for both of you!

I enjoy that irony....or whatever it is.....

Sometimes kids just want to know that someone cares and so they push a bit to see if you will really go the distance for them because no one else ever has.

Sounds like you have really worked to overcome your fear though. I always got nervous, but I did...well...the opposite of you!

Do you make house calls?


  1. This is really funny! I swear! I love that you shared the "regional love!" And I ADORE your kind, kind words in the opening!! They put a huge smile on my face!

    College presentations do blow! And YIKES if he figures out there is water in the toilet!

  2. I love seeing everyones creaivity with these. Hoping over from a belle a bean and a chicago dog.

  3. Nice comment love letter! And I am glad to know I'm not the only one who laughs beverages all over their computer. Seriously, sometimes I feel like my computer needs a bib.

  4. There are so many hilarious comments out there - it's time to show them some love! Great idea!

  5. That great comments. I would want him to find the toilet so I could flush him.

  6. Hey girly, I hope all is well with you and the family! It has been awhile since you last posted, Just wanted to say hi!

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