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Monday, May 31, 2010

Readers of my blog (if there actually are any out there),

Forgive me; it has been four days since my last posting.

So, I am really new at this but from what I have observed, the most successful bloggers seem to post at least once a day or at the very least every other day. I never did live up to my own expectations at the old-fashioned journaling... why did I expect blogging to be any different? This is why I have dozens of unwritten novels, childrens' books, and movie scripts buzzing around in my all-too cluttered brain, begging to be released.

I guess I should have been a journalist, because what I really need is a deadline! Graduating college with honors was all because of deadlines. I used to pride myself on the fact that I could whip up a 3-4 page paper, cited and all in a matter of a couple of hours before class began. Really I was just being a lazy-ass procrastinator. But hey, it worked...

So, feel free to offer up some topics and deadlines and I just may respond with a post.

Tonight's topic will be the kiddo (what else?). As "the kiddo" is getting rather stale, I will start refering to my sunshine as "Dozer." He has this new thing as of a couple of weeks ago that he loves to put his head on the ground, straighten out his legs with his butt held high in the air and push himself around in this manner, bulldozing anything in his path (usually me or a dog). Or sometimes he just goes in circles. I thought it was just going to be his new thing of the week that he would quickly replace, but it's been a good three weeks and he is getting just as much of a kick out of it as he did the first time. Dozer it is!

The new thing that I am pushing this week is blowing kisses. As I left for work Saturday morning Dozer and the Dad man were filling up the baby pool. Just as I was taking a mental snapshot of that sweet scene, thinking I would love to take part in the morning swim that kicks off father-son fun day, he returned the kiss that I blew to him for the first time ever! He did it with such enthusiasm and love, I actually squealed from inside the car and blew him another patiently waiting while the little teaser took his good sweet time returning the second.

And with that image, I will sign out. Of blogland and the long weekend. Sweet dreams to all!

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