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Saturday, August 7, 2010

When Mom's Away, The Boys Will Play in Their Special Way

It's no big secret that fathers do things waaay differently than moms, especially when play and bedtime are involved. Last night was my latest lesson on this particular gender study.

At 8:30 pm, I was summoned to the very ER room I sat in all day with DadMan ten days ago. Exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday evening! But there was a minor family emergency involving a bad spill (the beer overfloweth and so did this particular loved one) and precautions were to be made. Everything and everyone checked out okay and we were able to write it off as a "better safe than sorry" incident. More could be elaborated upon and enjoyed but I will spare said loved one any further embarrassment.

Meanwhile, back at the nut house DadMan decided to forego the whole brush-your-teeth-read-a-few-stories-turn-out-the-light-sing-a-few-diddies-wrestle-tickle-snuggle-til-he-finally-gives-in-to-sleep extravaganza that I like to call bedtime. DadMan's version is let the overtired kid run himself into the ground until he craps out.

Brushing of the teeth? Hellz to the NO-O: he'll know what time it is.

PJs? P-shaw. Who needs 'em?

Going gently into the night? No way! It's a fight til the end. A fierce battle of willpower -- who will break first? Ultimately, DadMan did come out of this one victorious. After a good wrestling match and enduring twenty minutes or so of Dozer screaming like a wild banshee, that is.

And in case you were wondering earlier what I meant exactly by "running into the ground," here's a little video DadMan took of the exciting new activity he devised. I must say, it was pretty darned innovative. I never would have dreamt up this baby.

But right before bed? Is it really any wonder why it was such a struggle? I mean after all that bright fun new stimulation, who would want to sweetly resign themselves to slumber?

Kinda takes the laser pointer fun with the dog or cat to a whole new level, huh?


  1. It's always been, always will be, the dad's job to be cooler and more fun than the mom. :)

  2. We were at a playdate the other day, and the parents pulled out one of those spelunker lights like that one. My son was fascinated. I'm thinking we need to get one... we just won't pull it out before bed time :)

  3. Ok that is too funny! It is so like men to just run them into the ground as their form of a night routine LOL. I loved the video too cute!

  4. Oh I so know what you mean. Right now my hubby is out of town and I am just dying for him to get back! I love having a little boy but my hubby plays more rough, wrestles with him, and just has a different way of handling things. Like I have been having so much problems with putting him in bed at night and know that once the hubby is home that will change. For some reason my son listens so much better to the hubby especially at night time.

  5. What a funny video clip. How do dad's think of this stuff?

  6. Love the coal miner light! Fun! And I know exactly what you mean about the dads! If by some odd chance, I have a night that I'm not at home, I'll come in and kids will be strewn from one end of the house to the other, wherever they fell, that's where they sleep. It's the weirdest thing. No one is ever in their own room in their own bed. Ever. Weird, these dads. Good time, but weird.

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