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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 1st Annual Toddler Summer Games

I'm very excited about Dozer's participation in the Toddler Summer Games for his first time. Last summer's Baby Summer Games were full of wins, surprises, and upsets as Dozer worked his way through challenging events such as the Nursing Marathon, Bottle-chugging, Burping, Diaper Wrangling, Giggling, and Toe Tasting.

This year's games started off with a bang! The house was totally rocked by Dozer's Opening Ceromony performance. He showed off his mad rat-a-tat-tat skills all over the house with his signature wooden spoon.

Dozer then gave a special interview to DadMan, in which he emphatically detailed his morning preparations.

DadMan: How do you get ready for a big day of training?

Dozer: Bananas, bananas, milk, bananas. Maybe some oatmeal and blueberries, if Mom's coaching. Did I mention bananas? They really get me goin' in the morning.

Then I like to chill with you and Special Agent Oso for a few minutes while I digest. He's got some great strategies, that guy. Helps me get my mental game on.

DadMan: True, true. Umm. I think you missed Step Two: Make sure you get all banana in mouth.

Dozer: Dude, I don't do the stringy parts. Besides, leaving just a bit in the hair is a major chick magnet. Really. The girlies go cuh-razy and they just can't keep their hands off me!

DadMan: hmmph. Oh, yeah. You'll score big with that strategy in twenty years.

Dozer: Don't be a hater. You know, your snarky 'tude is killing my banana buzz. Mama! Maaamaaa! Mah mah mah mah mah!! Maaaaaaa!!!

Coach Mom instantly appears and the games begin!

First up: Toy Toss.

Dozer proves to be a natural at this event, as little Elmo, building blocks, trucks, rings, keys, phones, and everything else is cleared out of the toy box. Dozer truly excels at distance and speed in this challenge. And he makes it look so easy!

Second: Toy Hurdle.

Dozer's agility shines through as he makes the amazing feats of scaling precariously strewn about toys with reckless abandon.

Third: Train Luge

Down goes Frasier! Well, folks, apparently Dozer isn't going to take the gold in all of this year's events. Wait! Wait! I don't believe it... He's getting up and giving it another go!

Coach Mom is quick to intervene, saying he needs to develop those balancing skills some more before another attempt.

Fourth: Yogurt Eating Contest.

No commentary needed here. I think you can create a good mental image of this one.

Fifth: The Kitchen Marathon

This may be Dozer's best event. This kid has the stamina of a certain unstoppable pink bunny! Coach Mom joined in at Lap 10 and went down at the second turn in Lap 23. Dozer gave a wry laugh as hurdled her left leg. Lap 24: Dozer peers at the collapsed Coach, who was stretching a calf, with a mixture of amusement and disdain. The word pathetic flashes in his mind. The boy wonder keeps going strong, though Coach lost count around Lap 36.

Someone get this kid on the New York Marathon registry!

Coach tries to encourage Dozer to save some energy for the next day's events. Dozer not-so-politely declines. The success may be getting to his head. Apparently, he thinks he can take on Superman. Coach explains that even Superman took a rest in his icy castle. Ha! he laughs maniacally. Naps are for the weak at heart!

Sixth: Wrestling.

Another awesome display of expertise as we see the tiny tot contort his body into unbelievable positions. Don't let the teensy package fool you, folks! The wiry and unrelenting strength of Dozer, coupled with his indomitable and tempered spirit are wearing his opponent down. As does the streak of poo that he strategically planted on her left elbow during the match.

Uh-oh. Coach does not condone playing dirty.

Seventh: Synchronized Splashing.

"Dodge and avoid" pretty much encapsulate the object of this game and the little athlete does it well against the ever-approaching washcloth.

Upcoming and ongoing events include:
  • 100 yd Sidewalk Dash

  • Bedtime Book-a-thon

  • Toothbrush Tackle

  • Big Bouncy Ball Ricochet

  • Tennis Ball Shot Put

  • Dance-a-thon

  • Bull (dog) Riding

  • Mom Riding

  • Couch Climbing

Note: no shutter speed is fast enough to record Dozer's victory V as he zooms past!

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  1. I'm digging Dozer's impressive vocabulary! ;) And those banana strings are pretty gross.

    Pad that boy good before his sidewalk race!

  2. Liz, I finally figured out how to get your button on here! Yay! I'm getting less "challenged" every day.

  3. This is too funny and so true! I think this is why you should have babies while you still have the energy to keep up with them. Great use of snarky. I have yet to try it.

  4. Yes, Alicia. If only I had started in my twenties...

  5. This is so cute! And he is too! Loved the interview! Darling!


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