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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Boy and His Ball. And a Small Space.

It has been an eventful week. By "eventful" I wish I meant fun Fourth of July picnics and ongoing festivities. By "eventful" I wish I meant mean doctors' appointments and playdates.

I have been neglecting my blog (and many other responsibilities and fun) because this is the kind of week it has been:

You know, the NO-napping, diarrhea for three days straight, obsessed with danger, train-surfing, tantrum-throwing, one whopping *fumble* after another, everyone survived but came out black and blue or blistered kind of eventful week, with a pepper spray incident thrown in for good measure (stay tuned for more details... that one deserves a whole post).


As mean as it may seem to some, I made Dozer stay stuck like this for thirty seconds or so while I snapped away, devilishly delighting in his unfortunate miscalculations.

"MWUHAHAHA!!!" bellowed Mean Mommy!

But seriously, I needed that laugh way more than he needed my help in those thirty seconds. And you better believe I am still chuckling every time I look at this photo!


  1. Ok, the picture is funny! I do feel for the little guy but I would have had to take a few pictures myself if it where my kid! I hope the rest of your week/weekend go smoothly for you! I am glad everyone made it out of your crazy week alive! I have so been there!

  2. This picture is hysterical....I mean, he's hysterical and the picture is funny and cute! Lots of fumbling in your week!

    Visiting from Word Up, YO!

  3. I'm sorry, but this is really cute!!! He's adorable!

  4. I HATE days like that, and when they are one after another, it's even worse! Great use of the WOW!, BTW. :)

  5. That's funny! Thanks for linking with Friday Funnies! I've got pictures like this of all of my kids, having to stay in their misery while I get a shot of it!



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